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The VillageCare Empowerment Center creates a place where you can connect to your abilities and to others who are going through similar challenges. It is a sanctuary where you will not feel alone. It is a place to learn, get motivated and activated to take better care of yourself.

There is no screening, no sign-up, no commitment.

Call toll free 844.337.5700 to learn more.

Who May Use the VillageCare Empowerment Center?

   -  Clients of the VillageCare Adult Day Health Care program may access the Empowerment Center after they have completed their program requirements on any given day or if they have attended the program and completed the programmed visits.

   -  Health Home clients may access the Center once they have completed their face-to-face meeting with their Care Manager within the last month.

   -  Guests may attend with a VIP guest pass.  To learn more about obtaining a guest pass, please contact 844.337.5700

What does the VillageCare Empowerment Center offer?
Join us for a healthy hot meal, free access to the Internet/computer lab, workshops and groups in a warm and supportive environment.  All at no cost to you.

Utilizing knowledgable volunteers and interns, we offer engaging and interactive programs to help you achieve your personal goals in the following areas:  Job Readiness, Life Skills and Wellness


Skills assessment
We work with you to identify the things you love to do and skills you’re good at. For this process you take an inventory of your skills and interests, functional capacities and everyday living skills.   You will be surprised what you will learn about yourself. We can then help you create an Individualized Plan for Employment/Vocation that can help give you a pathway to earn a living.

Resume Preparation
A resume is more than going on line and using a template.  We help you craft a resume that puts forth your life knowledge, experience, and hidden skills.  Together we can work on helping you put your best foot forward, making your resume a unique presentation of you.

Job/Volunteer Work Search
Learn the power of online searching and using your network of associates and friends to connect you to paying and volunteer work. Become skilled at finding opportunities and filling out online applications.

Interviewing Skills
You will learn the “dos and don’ts” of interviewing and techniques to help make a good impression.  We rehearse the interview with you so that you are ready to answer tough questions confidently.

Computer Skills
Digital Literacy is an important skill to have for everyday life but especially when you are planning to join the labor force or do volunteer work.  We help you “dip your toes” so that you can get basic knowledge and eventually take a deep dive into the world of the digital age.


Classes will incorporate budgeting/financial management, organization, housekeeping, and personal care.  Participants also learn to communicate effectively, make sound decisions, set goals, make plans, resolve conflicts, and negotiate. 


You don’t need to go to a gym, special clothing, or equipment to incorporate fitness into your life.  Our approach to fitness is to create fun and free ways to show you how to MOVE your body for better health.  We make it that simple.

Brain Fitness Activities
Have fun while you learn. You will work through puzzles and learn to work with others in teams. These exercises teach you how to problem-solve, how to tap into your creativity, as well as how to work cooperatively with others.

If you are on SNAP (Food Stamps) you will learn how to stretch your dollars while you learn new ways to make good nutrition part of your everyday life.

Health Promotion
Learn all about the new ways you can keep your body and mind healthy with engaging health promotion learning activities because what you don’t know can hurt you!    


Call toll free 844.337.5700 to learn more


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