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Arthur Y. Webb
President and Chief Executive Officer



Your Year-End Gift Has Meaning


Each year at this time, many of us are identifying those charitable groups and organizations that we want to support in our year-end giving.


If you don’t do that, I’d like to encourage you to do so.


While we may be facing some uncertainties as far as the economy is concerned, it should go without saying that charitable organizations face a tremendous threat to their well-being during downturns.


Government supports, through grants and entitlement financing, many of the activities of not-for-profit organizations. These groups and organizations provide a wealth of care and assistance to those in our community without sufficient resources of their own.


One of the realities is, however, that whatever government contributes, it is never – repeat after me, never! – enough for non-profits to do their work well.


To me, New York is the greatest city in the world. But we have been through a lot – an AIDS epidemic that has been devastating throughout the five boroughs and particularly in our downtown community; the attack of 9/11 that brought the city to an extended economic standstill, and the growing population of older adults, with the first of the Baby Boom generation just now beginning to move into retirement, requiring a range of services to help them transition into advanced age with dignity. And the needs go on.


When you stop to think of it, we manage our way through the challenges with the help of those dedicated not-for-profit organizations that have reliably brought support, care and services to those in need.


We recognize that government contributes a significant share, but there is always the threat that government will cut back, as it has in the past, placing more and more of a burden on not-for-profit providers to extend themselves.


Government cutbacks occur because of ideology – those who think that government taxes too much and spends unwisely – and they occur because of economic ills that make the coffers sometimes woefully inadequate to spread around funds for what’s needed. Next year, for example, New York State government faces a growing deficit, currently pegged at $4.3 billion, with the threat that it will be programs like Medicaid and Medicare that will bear the brunt of cost-cutting as the governor and state legislature struggle to keep up with their priorities and stand by their “commitments.”


That’s where you come in.


Every charitable organization that you can think of needs your help. These are the groups in our community that are committed to help your family and loved ones and your friends and neighbors. These are the organizations constantly making reinvestments in the communities through their steadfast service, their quest for innovation to recognize and meet new and emerging needs and their response to the needs of unserved and underserved populations.


At the organization where I work – Village Care of New York – we continually seek to offer care and services both to our community’s seniors and to persons living with HIV/AIDS in the best way possible, with the highest quality we can attain in the best place possible.


It is a task that we cannot do on our own, even with the support we get from government. We rely on your generosity, just as all the other worthwhile, charitable organizations that help people in need every day of the year.


If you don’t already regularly donate to one or more of these organizations, please make this the year that you begin. There are so many in our community that need your help. Take some time to find at least one that supports a cause that you are interested in.


And give as generously as you can.



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