All forms of racism and discrimination must be abolished in the U.S.

< News Jun 2nd, 2020

All forms of racism and discrimination must be abolished in the U.S.

From Emma DeVito, President and CEO of VillageCare

Emma DeVito,CEO is picturedOur nation is grieving over injustices that have occurred against people and communities of color around the country.  It is more important than ever for us all to come together to speak out against racism and discrimination.

The VillageCare workforce is culturally diverse and represents the diversity of the communities we serve. Within these communities, we witness the impact of racial inequality resulting in the disproportionate number of deaths from COVID-19 among people of color, diseases heightened by poverty and food insecurity , and excessive violence and use of force by some of those who are sworn to protect all members of the community.

All forms of racism and discrimination must be abolished. At VillageCare, we are committed to a culture where we respect one another, welcome each other’s thoughts and ideas, and most importantly work collaboratively with one another to deliver quality health care to members of the community regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity. 

In these critical times it is important for all of us to speak up, while staying safe. As always, we thank all who support us in serving our members, residents and patients and please know that VillageCare stands with all people of color in this fight against racial inequality and injustice.


Stay safe,