Redefining Wellness

VillageCare is a pioneering & innovative continuing care organization.

We strive to understand the current state of need of those we serve and pursue appropriate responses. 

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VillageCare recognizes and supports self-directed, interactive care. This enables those being served to control aspects of their own care and helps them maintain their independence.

“Redefining Wellness” refers to our commitment and constant focus on an innovative and steadfast response to the continuing care needs of New Yorkers. For over 40years, VillageCare has remained at the forefront of New York City’s health and wellness initiatives. Serving thousands of individuals each year, we are motivated by their ever-changing needs. Through award-winning services, as well as innovative partnerships, we strive consistently enhance and better the services that we provide. As the health care landscape in New York continues to evolve, we reaffirm two organizational commitments to remain a viable partner and provider for years to come.